We kindly inform you that changes exist in the itineraries of the dates until 26 May 2018. The itineraries that will temporarily not take place are the 10:15 Killini - Poros, 13:00 Poros - Killini and the itineraries to and from Zakynthos. For additional information, please contact us on +30 210 9515100.
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Kefalonian Lines - Tickets for Zakynthos,Kefalonia

Kefalonian Lines
50% discount on return tickets
Car 14.10€/  Passenger 4.40€,   Valid for Bookings up to 31/03/2017
Kefalonian Lines
20% discount on return tickets
Car 31.60€ / Passenger 7.60€,   Valid for Bookings up to 31/03/2017
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