Creating a new Greek shipping company in the heart of the economic crisis in our country is if anything, a bold, courageous venture.

Apart from the courage and boldness, the establishment of our company integrates deep love for our island and embodies our dreams of a developed, strong and modern Kefalonia. Young people with new ideas and big dreams begin this beautiful journey and we are confident that our project will be embraced by all of our countrymen.

The company is managed by Spyrangelos Dion. Lykoudis, a young man with great studies in Marine, the world’s leading universities Southampton University and City University of London.

We are proud to bring the renewed “Nissos Kefalonia,” the favorite ship of Kefalonians at the disposal of the passenger together in an effort to serve as a bridge to mainland Greece and to redo our journey to and from Kefalonia, a pleasant experience.

320 Sigrou Street, 17673, Kalithea, Athens
+30 210 9515101