General Terms & Conditions
1.Embarkation Procedure
Passengers must report at the embarkation port for check-in half an hour before departure time and if travelling by car an hour before departure time.

2.Ticket cancellation
Up to 14 days before departure date: 100% refund on tickets value.
Up to 7 days before departure date: 75% refund on tickets value.
Up to 12 hours before departure date: 50% refund on tickets value.
Cancellations made in less than 12 hours before departure are NOT entitled to a refund.
Tickets can be cancelled only by the issuing agency thereof.
Tickets can NOT be cancelled over the phone.

3.Cancellation terms, for e-tickets (via Kefalonianlines.com website )
Passenger and vehicle tickets bought through the Kefalonian lines ‘ website , can be cancelled as per the above cancellation terms, as follows:
i. For tickets that have not been received, passengers can request cancellation by phone, on +30 210 9515100, by e-mail at info@kefalonianlines.com, or by fax on +30 2109515101, stating all the reservation details as well as full contact details (telephone number, e-mail address, fax number).
ii. For tickets that have been received, passengers should either bring their tickets to the Kefalonian Lines central ticket office, located in Athens (n. 320, Leof. Syggrou) or to any authorized central port agency of the company.
There is a choice of changing the tickets into Open Dated tickets in order for them to be used for another trip.
The Open Date tickets are replaced by a new ticket, of the same or bigger value, by paying the difference, upon availability for the same or different trip. For this new ticket all the above cancelation terms are not valid and any difference in price is not refunded. Please note that the new ticket cannot be issued with any discount if the initial ticket did not have a discount and vehicle tickets cannot be replaced by passenger tickets and vice versa. Open tickets (may be replaced) are valid until the end of the year that the initial ticket had been issued for.

4. Tickets Loss
In case of ticket loss, passenger should purchase a new one in order to sail and report such loss to the travel agency or to the shipping company, mentioning the departure date, the route and the number of the lost ticket as well as the number of the new one (photocopy). In case that it is proved that the ticket has not travelled, after a thorough search within the company’s files and within 6 months from the trip’s date, then the passenger is entitled to a new ticket of the same amount.

5.Passengers’ Name List
Pursuant to E.U. Directive 98/41, the shipping company has the obligation to keep a passengers’ name list at any voyage, for safety reasons. For the purposes of such registration, tickets should be issued in the name of each passenger and should especially include:

6.When reserving a ticket (either online or at a travel agent), the passenger must provide full details of his / her ID, telephone number and e-mail in order to be noticed and informed by the company in the case of any delay or cancellation of the itinerary. In the case that the passenger is not willing to provide the company with his contact details this is noted on the ticket. Online Reservations: the passenger fills in his contact details in the appropriate fields available or chooses the option “I do not want to be informed in the case of any delay or cancellation of the itinerary”.
7. The passenger must also check that the details printed on the ticket are correct (date, time, itinerary, vessels name, ID details, etc.) and not to accept any ticket in the case something is wrongly printed.
8. Upon ticket reservation travel agents or company’s central ticket offices must be informed if a person with SPECIAL NEEDS will be travelling,
All the above terms and conditions serve in cross checking passengers and tickets details.

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