Vision & Values

The modernization of our ship and the continuous upgrading of the services we provide to our customers is the strategic goal and commitment to our company. In this way KEFALONIAN LINES seeks to conquer the market leader of ferry services to the island of Kefalonia and expanding its presence in the rest of Greek space. The main values ​​for KEFALONIAN LINES is to provide high quality ferry service to cope with the needs of its customers, and that a high level of security, ensuring the protection of passengers and crew without of course neglecting the protection of the marine environment .

The vision

• Improved service to transport passengers and cargo.

• The conquest of market leadership in ferry services to Kefalonia.

• The expansion of our presence in other markets of Greece.


• The complete satisfaction of our customers through a wide range of high quality services.

• Strict compliance with all safety rules in order to protect the lives of passengers and crew, and the protection of the marine environment.

320 Sigrou Street, 17673, Kalithea, Athens
+30 210 9515101